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Version: 4.2.0

Assemble Me

The Assemble Me template is a customizable game where you can arrange body pieces into a figure. Simply replace the images with your own to personalize your own unique Assemble Me game!


Open the Template

To use this template in your Effect House project:

  1. Go to Templates
  2. Click the Interactive tab
  3. Select the Assemble Me template
open template


The Hierarchy panel consists of two render groups:

  • Tip contains helpful hints to customize the effect
  • 2D Foreground Effects contains the main scene settings:
    • Grid Image is the grid background which provides position reference when playing the game
    • Blue Print [REPLACE] is the image for the complete figure blue print to use as a reference
    • Body Parts [DO NOT DELETE] contain 6 different images for each body part. You can adjust the total number of body parts by deleting or adding scene objects within this section.
    • UI contains the backdrop and tap screen prompt

Understand the Interaction

The body pieces appear one by one. Each piece performs a looping animation along the X axis, and you can tap on the piece to lock it at the desired X position. Then, the piece moves along the Y axis, and you tap the body piece again to lock it at the desired Y position. You repeat this process until all body pieces are placed on the screen.

modify interaction

Change the Body Piece Order

The body pieces appear in the order listed in the Hierarchy panel, from top to bottom. For instance, the top scene object under Body Parts[DO NOT DELETE] corresponds to Body Part 1 [REPLACE], representing the left leg, and is shown first. You can rearrange the order of the body parts within this list!

Let's try changing the order of Body Part 1 [REPLACE] to a different order:

  1. Go to the Hierarchy panel
  2. Go to Body Parts [DO NOT DELETE] and click Body Part 1 [REPLACE]
  3. Move Body Part 1 [REPLACE] below Body Part 5 [REPLACE]
change body piece order

You can also change the image of the body piece by clicking the Texture field in the Inspector panel.

change image
change image

Visual Scripting

In the Visual Scripting panel, you can make adjustments to further customize the body pieces movement, speed, size, and the trigger to lock the piece's position.

Change the Body Piece Movement

To customize the body piece movement, speed, and size:

  1. Go to the Visual Scripting panel
  2. Adjust the Move Range X (Min/Max) property to modify the horizontal movement range and reset it. Similarly, adjust the Move Range Y (Min/Max) property to modify and reset the vertical movement range.
move range
  1. Adjust the Speed value to change the body piece moving speed
change speed
  1. Adjust the Finished Scale Multiplier value to change the scale size after you finish placing the body pieces

When On Finished Scale Multiplier is set to 2

on finished scale demo

When On Finished Scale Multiplier is set to 1.25

on finished scale demo

Change the Trigger

The Trigger On Screen Tap is used to trigger locking the piece's position. You can change this setting by choosing from the different trigger options available.

on finished scale demo