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Version: 4.3.0

Parkour Game

Use the Parkour Game template to create a game where you jump on platforms to earn points! This template was created by @bartel_games.


How to Use This Template

Open Effect House, go to Templates, click the Community Center tab, and select the Parkour Game template.

open the parkour game template tutorial in effect house


In the Hierarchy panel, there is a Platforms object with 6 duplicated platform objects. These represent the platforms you must jump on! The 2D Foreground Effects render group contains the 2D images used as instructions on the screen. You can swap out the 3D platforms with your preferred 3D objects.

parkour game hierarchy

Visual Scripting

You can start by modifying the Start Speed of the game. The game will restart at this defined speed every time.

start speed

The smaller the value, the slower you move, and the greater the value, the faster you move.

start speed 10  start speed 30  

Now let's adjust the Jump Height value in the Play Control subgraph.

player control subgraph

The smaller the value, the lower you jump, and the greater the value, the higher you jump.

jump height 15  jump height 30  

You can customize the scale of your platform objects in the Scene panel and then adjust the Platform Collision Width value to ensure the entire platform is accounted for in your game.

adjust the platform collision width

The Min Camera Angle and Max Camera Angle values determine how much of the camera angle you have access to with the swiping motion.