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Version: 4.3.0

Face Fuse

This template utilizes the Face Fusion object and randomly selects an image from an array of images for fusion.

face fuse demo

Use this Template

To use the template in your Effect House project:​

  1. Open Effect House
  2. Go to Templates
  3. Click the Face tab
  4. Select the Face Fuse template
open the template


The Hierarchy panel includes two main render groups: Random Image Example is responsible for rendering the background and face fusion, while Loading UI contains the 2D images used to signify the fusion loading process.


Customize the Template

You can select your own assets and adjust the values of the available parameters in the Visual Scripting panel to customize the template. The face fusion is triggered by a Video Record event.


Face Fusion to Random Image

By default, the template example randomly selects a fusion input texture from a four-image array.

face fusion to random image
  • Fusion Input Images: Add or replace the input textures for the random selection. You can add more images by click the Add button [+].
  • Wait Time before Portrait Appears: The amount of time, in seconds, before the fused portrait appears
  • Background Image: A solid black background image is displayed when your fusion input does not adhere to the 720:1280 ratio