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3D Animation Controller

Use 3D Animation Controller to control the 3D animation state. 3D Animation Controller is in the Utility category.


NameData typeDescription
PlayExecPlay the animation
StopExecStop the animation playback
AnimationAnimatorThe animation to be controlled
Which ClipNumberThe index of the animation. The animation is always played from index 0.
Loop TimeNumberThe number of times of playing the animation. -1 is for infinite loop.
Stop on Last FrameBooleanWhether to stop the animation on the last frame. True is for stop.


NameData typeDescription
ExitExecExecute the next node
On PlayExecExecute the next node when the animation playback starts
On StopExecExecute the next node when the animation playback stops
On FinishExecExecute the next node when the animation finishes playing



This example shows the alien playing index 2 (jump) clip in infinity when the effect starts, then once tape the screen, it will switch to play index 3 (fall) animation and play once. Once the fall animation finishes, it will switch back to default looping jump.