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Version: 4.3.0

Color Space Converter

Use Color Space Converter to convert a color from one color space to another. It supports RGBA to HSLA, RGBA to HSVA, HSVA to RGBA, and HSLA to RGBA. Color Space Converter is in the Utility category.


NameData TypeDescription
Conversion TypeStringThe two conversion color spaces, supporting “RGBA to HSLA”, “RGBA to HSVA”, “HSVA to RGBA”, and “HSLA to RGBA”.
Input ColorVec4The color to be converted.


NameData TypeDescription
Output ColorVec4The output color in the new color space.


color space converter node


This node helps convert color between RGBA color types, HSLA color types, and HSVA color types. The RGBA color type defines colors using the Red-Green-Blue-Alpha (RGBA) model. In addition to RGB color values, RGBA has an alpha channel to specify the opacity of the color.

The HSLA color type defines colors using the Hue-Saturation-Lightness-Alpha (HSLA) model. Hue is a degree on the color wheel from 0 to 360. 0 is red, 120 is green, and 240 is blue. This example converts the degree to %, 0 is red, 0.33 is red, 0.66 is blue. Lightness is also a percentage value, 0 is black, and 1 is white. Alpha controls the opacity of the color.

The HSVA color type defines colors using the HSV (for hue, saturation, value; also known as HSB, for hue, saturation, brightness) model.