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Version: 4.3.0

Spot Light

Spot Light emits cone-shaped light from a single point, like a flashlight or spotlight. This light fades as it gets farther from the source. Use this to highlight an object or simulate a beam of light from a window.


Add a Spot Light Component

Add a Spot Light component by clicking + Add Component > Scene > Spot Light in the Inspector panel.


IntensityThe brightness of the light source.
ColorThe color of the light.
Attenuation RangeThe range of the light cone which informs the fall off.
Inner AngleThe angle of the inner attenuation which informs the beginning of the light spot.
Outer AngleThe angle of the outer attenuation which informs how far out the edge of the spot light will extend towards.
LayersSelect the layer or layers you want to apply the light to.

A maximum of two Spot Lights can be added to the scene.