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Version: 4.2.0

TikTok Sounds

Tether a TikTok sound directly from TikTok Sounds Library! Linking a TikTok sound to your effect will cause the sound to play by default when your effect is opened.

Add a TikTok Sound

To add a TikTok sound to your effect:

  1. In the Effect House toolbar, click TikTok Sounds.
tiktok sounds entry point

The TikTok Sounds panel appears.

tiktok sounds panel
  1. Click Add sound. The TikTok Sounds Library appears with recommended sounds.
tiktok sounds library
  1. Use the Search bar to look for a preferred song. For example, Happy Birthday.
  2. Click a sound to preview it
preview sound
  1. Click the Use button to add it to your project. The sound appears in the TikTok Sounds panel.
use sound
  1. Click and drag the audio to select where the sound starts
drag audio
  1. You can perform the following manipulations to the sound in the TikTok Sounds toolbar:
  • Adjust volume
  • Turn on/off autobeat
  • Replace sound (this will make the TikTok Sounds Library appear again)
  • Play/pause sound
  • Repeat
  • Determine the sound duration (use the dropdown to choose either 15s/60s/10m or the entire sound duration)
sound library toolbar

Alternatively, you can add a TikTok sound via the Publish Effect page:

  1. When you are ready to submit your effect, click the Submit button
  1. Click + Add sound. The TikTok Sounds Library appears.
publish effect page
  1. Search for a sound and add it to your effect!

Favorite a TikTok Sound

You can add TikTok sounds to your favorites to quickly access them in other Effect House projects.

To favorite a TikTok sound:

  1. Open the TikTok Sounds Library
  2. Select a sound
  3. Click the Add to favorites icon. The icon then appears filled in.
bookmark sound
  1. Go to the Favorites tab to see your favorited sounds
favorites tab
  1. To remove a sound from your favorites, simply click the Add to favorites icon. The icon is no longer filled in.