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Deformation allows you to change the blendShape from one to another. You’ll be able to create different interactive vertex animations.


Quick start

Importing a customized model with blendShapes

Import a mesh with a blendShape by clicking + Add asset > Import > From Computer or directly dragging the assets to the Assets panel.


Adding and tweaking the Deformation component

Drag the blendshape_cubeToSphere entity from the Assets panel to the Hierarchy panel. Unfold the blendshape_cubeToSphere entity and find the child entity cube to access the Inspector panel. You will find its Mesh Renderer and Deformation components attached to the cube entity.

Feel free to animated the deformation by tweaking the Weights parameter.

Deformation property

Calculate normal: If checked, the position & normal will be calculated by the blendShapes. If unchecked, only the position will be calculated by the blendShapes.

Weights: Click the arrow to hide or reveal channels.

ChannelName: Use this slider to adjust the weight of the channel. You can adjust between 0 and 1.