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Post effect


Use Filter to change the hue and saturation of your effects. You can make effects black and white or enhance your effect with some fun cinematic colors.

Quick start


Add a Filter entity to your scene by clicking + Add object > Post Effect > Filter.


Scroll down the pop-up window if you don’t see Post Effect.

Click on Filter in the Hierarchy panel to access the properties in the Inspector panel.

Click + Add asset > Import > From Computer to add the the new color card that was provided.

Select the corresponding texture on the filter component once you have imported new filters. Refresh the preview to see the result.

Make your own filter textures

↓ Colorcards_Template.psd

Download the Photoshop file below to use as a template. Hide the DEFAULT COLORCARD layer and add new adjustment layers with the default photo. Once you are satisfied with the result, hide the photo layer and show the DEFAULT COLORCARD layer (make sure the DEFAULT COLORCARD layer is below the color layer).

Save it as a PNG.


Your end result will be a colorcard like the one below.

Filter properties

Texture: Click this property to utilize your own texture. The default is a bright color lookup texture.

Intensity: Use this property to adjust the intensity of the filter between 0 and 1. The default value is 1.