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2D Image preparation

This guide will show you how to prepare a 2D image on your Effect House projects.

Import an image

You can import an image by clicking + Add Asset > Import > From Computer. You can also drag the image into the Assets panel.


You can import images larger than 1024 x 1024, but the larger dimension will be resized to 1024 pixels. If the file is larger than 1 MB after the resizing, Effect House will stop the import.

Image requirements

  • Format: Effect House supports .png and .jpg files
  • Resolution limit: 1024 x 1024 pixels
  • Single file size: Less than 1 MB
  • Total effect package: Less than 5 MB

Fail to import

Make sure your files meet the requirements before you import them. Otherwise, the import will fail, as shown in the following images:


Image properties

Resolution: Displays the resolution of the image file. The maximum resolution should be less than or equal to 1024 x 1024.

Size: Displays the file size.

Type: Displays the file type.

Image compression

You can compress your image sizes to keep your overall effect package within the 5 MB limit. Smaller file sizes and lower resolutions can increase performance. Select an asset from the Assets panel to access Compression in the Inspector panel.

The resolution and size of the asset will automatically compress when you change the settings. The Compression Type is Automatic by default. Click on the dropdown menu to select which compression type you would like to use. You can choose between Automatic, Manual, or None.

  • Automatic (Default) sets the image’s maximum resolution to 512 pixels by default (height and width will maintain their ratio as they scale).
  • Manual allows you to select the Max Resolution and Quality from their respective dropdown menus.
    • Max Resolution allows you to choose between 1024, 512 (default), 256, and 128 pixels.
    • Quality: you can compress the image size by selecting between High, Medium, and Low.

Set the Max Resolution as the same or smaller than the original resolution of the image. Otherwise, it won’t improve the image quality and will increase the file size.


Setting the quality to High will not compress the image. Medium and Low will reduce the quality of the image.

  • None will leave the asset as is.

Image advanced settings

Enable Mipmap

  • If checked
    • Filter Min
      • Linear (Default)
      • Nearest
    • Filter Mag
      • Linear (Default)
      • Nearest
    • Filter Mipmap
      • None (Default)
      • Linear
      • Nearest
    • Wrap Mode determines how the texture is sampled when texture coordinates (in UV control) are outside of the typical 0-1 range.
      • Clamp (Default) clamps the texture to the last pixel at the edge.
      • Repeat: Tiles the texture to create a repeating pattern.
      • Mirror: Tiles the texture to create a repeating pattern by mirroring it at every integer boundary.
    • Premult