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Meet 4 Effect House Creators Monetizing Their Creativity

Meet 4 Effect House Creators Monetizing Their Creativity

At Effect House, we celebrate our creator community for the joy, creativity, and inspiration that their effects bring to TikTok. Whether you’re a new or experienced creator, you can unlock many paid opportunities through Effect House Challenges, Monthly Missions, and more. We also recently made some exciting updates to our Effect Creator Rewards program directly based on our community’s feedback, allowing even more creators to monetize their effects.

Get inspired by four talented Effect House creators from around the world as they share their experiences with creating and monetizing their TikTok effects!

Cristiano Carianha Bartel (@bartel_games)

When did you start using Effect House: I created my first effect in September 2023. It was a mask of the character from an indie game I created. I then learned how to create games on Effect House and made games like Blue Pen, Parkour, Crazy Road, and Crazy Parking.

What do you most enjoy about Effect House: How easy it is to create and publish new effects. The Effect House tool is very easy to use, and it’s always evolving and gaining new features. I can express my creativity and promote my creations on my TikTok profile.

How has your experience been with Effect Creator Rewards: It’s been incredible! I’m able to monetize more than I used to with my mobile games.

How else have you monetized your effects: I’ve won a lot of cash prizes from Effect House Challenges. For example, I won the $10,000 grand prize in the Minecraft LIVE Effect Challenge. I also recently signed a contract with a very famous mobile game company to promote their products using my TikTok games.

Any advice on how to monetize effects: Even if you can’t monetize your effects right away, keep trying. Sometimes when you least expect it, your effect can become a huge success.

Paula Casado (@paula.casado_)

When did you start using Effect House: I started while Effect House was still in beta at the end of 2021. I was eager to create TikTok effects.

What do you most enjoy about Effect House: The vast possibilities that Effect House offers. I can bring any idea to life, which would take longer and require more effort on other platforms. I also appreciate how effects can easily reach audiences on TikTok without needing a large following or elaborate videos.

How have you monetized your effects: Through Effect Creator Rewards and Effect House Challenges. These programs have helped me to collect a significant amount of rewards.

Favorite effect that has won an Effect House Challenge: My effect for Fashion Month Challenge: Trending Tomorrow. While it was a significant challenge, I created an effect that lets people personalize clothing and accessories in 2D and virtually try it on in 3D.

Have you ever been hired by brands to create effects: Yes, several times! In fact, lately almost all of my projects have been TikTok effects. TikTok has undoubtedly become a very important platform for brands, and showcasing my effects has opened up many work opportunities.


Se creativo creando tus propios diseños de ropa y complementos! #tiktokfashion

♬ Cafe / video cute lofi ♪ Chill(885831) – ImoKenpi-Dou

Os traigo un efecto para que podais saber como os ira 2024! #2024prediction

♬ Jazz Bossa Nova – TOKYO Lonesome Blue

Nguyễn (Lucas) Trung Nguyên (@lucaslim3r3nce)

When did you start using Effect House: Since July 2022. At the time, Effect House only supported MacOS systems, so I purchased a MacBook just so I could begin using Effect House. (Note: Effect House is currently available on both MacOS and Windows.)

What do you most enjoy about Effect House: It can create powerful ripple effects. One of my first TikTok effects, Veston, went viral on TikTok. It has been incredibly rewarding to see the joy this effect has brought people.

How have you monetized your effects: The Effect House Missions are always exciting and spark my creativity. I’ve also won small cash prizes from Effect House Challenges and Effect Creator Rewards.

Have you ever been hired by brands to create effects: Yes, I’ve been hired by several brands like miHoYo, Nabisco, CJ Entertainment, and Play Together.

Any advice on how to monetize effects: Creators should gain fundamental knowledge of the Effect House tool (especially visual scripting), since exciting new features get released every month. Your effects should also be novel and creative in order to get people’s attention.

Eddy Adams (@eddyin3d)

When did you start using Effect House: I published my very first effect in March 2022.

What do you most enjoy about Effect House: How intuitive it is to use. TikTok has done an amazing job making sophisticated tools that can create highly complex effects while still being approachable for beginners.

How have you monetized your effects: I’ve created several effects for brands, with TikTok directly connecting me to clients. I’ve also been featured in a few panels to talk about my work as an Effect House creator, including the South by Southwest Festival and a TikTok event in Los Angeles.

What was it like creating an @oscars effect for TikTok: The experience was unreal! I was blown away when this opportunity showed up at my doorstep. The whole process went smoothly.

Anything else you’d like to share: Creating effects in Effect House, which millions of people on TikTok get to enjoy, is an intoxicating and thrilling career. I couldn’t be happier with the software, company, and community. Every week, I’m amazed by a new update, a community project, or a unique way someone uses one of my effects. Every day is different, and I can’t wait to see where it takes all of us.


Speaking at @SXSW with @Julia Roga and @gracemchoi was a dream come true! Thanks @TikTok and @Effect House!

♬ original sound – Eddy Adams

What an incredible honor it was to design the official TikTok filter for the 2024 Oscars. It was seriously a dream come true! Which film do you want to win best picture? #oscars#filter#tiktokpartner @The Oscars

♬ original sound – Eddy Adams

Sign up with Effect Creator Rewards to start monetizing your creativity. If you’re new to Effect House, don’t forget to download the free Effect House desktop tool!

–The Effect House Team

*These interviews have been edited for length and clarity.