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Introducing the Branded Effect Closed Beta

Introducing the Branded Effect Closed Beta

Effects are one of the TikTok community’s favorite forms of expression. Using augmented reality (AR) experiences—made possible by Effect House features, such as the Body Avatar Drive, sky segmentation, and AR placement—creators give our global community the ability to tell more immersive stories, with unlimited creative possibilities. Effect creation is usually only available to highly skilled professionals, but with Effect House, anyone from the TikTok community can create high quality effects with ease.

Today, we’re excited to begin opening up our Branded Effect program to Effect House creators for the first time.

The Power of Branded Effects

There are endless possibilities with effects on TikTok that both creators and brands can tap into, but creators aren’t the only ones building community and fanfare around the effects they create. Brands across all verticals commission Branded Effects to spark connection, engagement, and conversion as part of their marketing campaigns. Branded Effects are custom, sponsored effects commissioned by brands giving them the opportunity to connect with audiences in a meaningful, native, and uniquely-TikTok format. These effects are highly customized, with brand logos and other branded elements, to fit their specific campaign needs.

Unlike Community Effects, Branded Effects offer features such as a call-to-action, Custom Audiences for retargeting, and more. Additionally, brands can promote Branded Effects with other ad products, such as Branded Mission and TopView.

Brands leverage Branded Effects on TikTok to generate significant value and engage with the TikTok community. A recent Branded Effect for Bomb Pop, bundled as part of a Branded Mission, led to more than 40,000 user-generated video creations, which helped drive a 13.2% lift in ad recall, 10.5% lift in awareness, 37.4 million impressions, and an 11% engagement rate.

To date, Branded Effects have been created in partnership with TikTok’s official marketing partners. Today, we’re excited to announce that Effect House creators will soon be able to create Branded Effects as part of an Effect House Branded Effect beta, expanding creative possibilities for both brands and effect creators on TikTok.

“We’re excited about the tremendous interest we’ve received from effect creators and agencies eager to make Branded Effects, and we’re happy to open up this opportunity with Branded Effects in Effect House.

Apply to Participate in the Effect House Branded Effect Beta

As part of this testing phase, we’re looking for creators and agencies with a proven track record of working with brand clients, as well as proven proficiency in creating a variety of effects in Effect House. Creators accepted into this test will be given access to create and publish Branded Effects using Effect House, as well as tools and tips to help promote your services as a Branded Effects creator.

To apply for this program, complete and submit the following interest form based on your region. We’ll be onboarding select creators to this program in waves throughout 2023.

Learn more about Branded Effects and how it has helped the world’s largest brands like Samsung, Universal Pictures and PepsiCo drive success in their marketing campaigns.