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April Edition

Effects of the Month: April Edition

About Effects of the Month

Effects of the Month has just found a brand new home on the Effect House website!

Every month, the Effect House team will curate incredible effects from the community. Our featured effects span three categories: Cutting Edge, Fun & Creative, and Best Effect Creator Videos.

Explore the creations of your fellow creators and get some inspiration!

Want to be featured in the next edition?

The Effect House team is continuously seeking fresh effects! Simply tag #EffectHouse when you share a video featuring your effect on TikTok, or directly post it to our showcase channel on Discord!

The Effect House team will evaluate effects until the last day of each month. The new edition of Effects of the Month will be launched on the 15th of the subsequent month.

April Edition

Cutting Edge 😱

Showcases interactive and innovative effects that use advanced logic and features, such as visual scripting, custom materials, and visual effects

Gamertag Generator by @xbox


I meann I am due for a new gamertag 😂 Let me know what you get! @Xbox #XboxPartner

♬ original sound – Kasai

Temple Runner by @ddu_dda99


temple runner game! 새로운 템플러너 게임이 나왔어요. 여러분도 한번 해보세요 ❤❤❤❤#딸#아빠와딸#father#effecthouse#이펙트하우스#fyp#fun#game

♬ rose speed song – harumi aira

Fun & Creative 😂

Features effects that wowed our creator community with their novelty, visual appeal, and entertainment value, sparking trends and pop culture moments

DRESS JESS! by @jessbosnjak


ITS HERE ITS HERE ITS HERE!! this was my final art thesis for my last year in college!! go try it out so i can see how you would style me!!! #dressjess#dressupgame#tiktokfilter#styling#styletips#outfitinspo#outfits#outfit#fashion#fakebody#21yearsold#fyp

♬ espresso sped up – anna <3

IKEA AI by @malel.v

Best Effect Creator Videos 🎨

Highlights cool videos from effect creators promoting their own effects