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Head and Face

Face Detection

Use Facial Detection to detect faces of people using this effect. To detect more than one face, assign a Face Detection node to each face in the scene. It can detect up to five faces. Facial Detection is in the Head and face category.


NameData typeDescription
Which FaceStringThe face to apply the effect to. Face 0 represents the first face appearing in the scene, Face 4 represents the fifth face appearing in the scene.


NameData typeDescription
BeginExecExecute the next node when the face is detected
StayExecKeep executing the next node when the face stays in the scene
EndExecExecute the next node when the face disappeared
NoneExecKeep executing the next node when the certain face is not detected
Face CountNumberThe number of faces in the scene, the max is 5


In this example, we trigger the appearance of a cube when we detect one face, and trigger the appearance of both the cube and the sphere when we detect two faces in the view.