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Version: 4.3.0

Pet Face Info

pet face info

Use Pet Face Info to get the coordinates of the selected pet face.


NameData TypeDescription
DetectStringThe pet face to pull information from. Pet faces will be numbered based on the order they enter the frame.


NameData TypeDescription
RectRectA 2D rectangle that frames the selected pet face.
Center PositionVec2The center point of the selected pet face.
RotationVec3The rotation of the selected pet face.
2D KeypointsVec2 ArrayAn array of facial keypoints.
TypeStringWill output Cat or Dog.
cat keypoints   dog keypoints   cat scanning


pet face info example


In this example, the 2D coordinates for the cat's left and right eye have been pulled from the Array output. As these coordinates are normalized, they are multiplied by the Canvas resolution to convert them into screen space coordinates.

pet face info node