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Version: 3.9.0

Set Face Stretch

set face stretch node

The Set Face Stretch node sets the component properties of the specified Face Stretch component.


NameData TypeDescription
NextExecExecute the next node


NameData TypeDescription
EnterExecExecute this node
Face Stretch ComponentFace StretchThe Face Stretch component to set properties to
DetectStringThe face that you want to get its properties. “Face 0” represents the first human face appearing in the scene and “Face 4” represents the fifth human face appearing in the scene.
IntensityNumberSet the overall intensity value for all the key-points
Is SymmetricBooleanCheck if need the key points setting to be symmetric
Locked IndicesStringPass in the indices to be locked so that the setting will not affect these key-points
Stretch Sample Key PointsVec2 ArraySet all the 96 key-points in normalized sample space