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Exciting Updates to the Effect Creator Rewards Program

Exciting Updates to the Effect Creator Rewards Program

Since introducing Effect Creator Rewards earlier this year, we’ve been inspired by the program’s impact on the world of effects. Creators are already earning significant payouts worldwide, accessing rewards for the trending effects they’ve created for TikTok.

Today, we’re excited to announce big updates to the Effect Creator Rewards program that will positively impact existing program members and make it so more creators can access rewards for their effects.

Expanding eligibility

First, we’re expanding Effect Creator Rewards to 14 more countries! Eligible creators in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam can now join to start earning rewards for their effects.

We’re also lowering the required number of videos to qualify for the program. Instead of the previously required 500,000 videos made with their effects, creators now only need to achieve the Gold badge level. That means creators only need to have 5 effects published and at least 3 of their effects used in 1,000 videos to qualify.

A lower threshold to start collecting rewards

We’re also making it easier for creators to start collecting rewards for individual effects. In the earlier version of the program, creators needed an effect to have been used in 500,000 videos for the effect to start earning rewards. Now, each effect needs to be used in only 200,000 videos in eligible regions to begin collecting rewards.

Reduced payout increments

Previously, creators had to accumulate 100,000 more videos created with their effect to get their next payout. Now, creators can collect rewards for every additional qualified video until the end of the 90-day period.

We are also transitioning to a variable payout rate, which means creators will be receiving different payouts for videos created with their effects based on certain factors, such as the region where the video was created.

We’re committed to recognizing and rewarding our vibrant community of effect creators that brings joy, excitement, and creativity to TikTok every day. Stay tuned for more updates about opportunities and rewards with Effect House.

For more information, check out the FAQ page, and download Effect House to start creating effects today.

— The Effect House Team