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Use Gate to perform like a gate to open or close. The current state of the gate (open or closed) determines whether the Enter input pass out of the Next output or not. Gate is in the Control category.


NameData typeDescription
EnterExecThe input execution that that triggers this node
OpenExecThe execution that sets the gate status to open, allowing the Enter input to pass through to the Next output
CloseExecThe execution that sets the gate status to closed, stopping the Enter input from passing through to the Next output
ToggleExecThe execution that reverses the current gate status. Open becomes closed and vice versa.
Start ClosedBooleanThe starting status of the gate. If set to true the gate begins in a closed status.


NameData typeDescription
NextExecExecute the next node if the gate status is currently open. If the gate is closed, no execution is taken.


In this example, we use the gate component to achieve complex control of a sphere position. We set a control function to set the y position of the sphere with respect to head tracker. We trigger the gate component every time the user blinks, but restrict that the control function only executes when the gate opens.

The gate starts with a closed state by ticking the “Start Closed” toggle. Then we use a mouth open trigger to open the gate, and use a single hand appear to close the gate. We use eyebrows to toggle the gate open and close status.