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Version: 4.0.0

Big Head


This template was developed using Effect House 3.3.2.

The Big Head template employs Head Segmentation, allowing you to change the scale and position of the person's head.

big head demo

How to Use This Template

Open Effect House, go to Templates, click the Face tab, and select the Big Head template.

big head template

For best viewing results, change the preview media by clicking the Preview menu, hovering over Full Body, and selecting any of the available videos.

full body preview


In the Hierarchy panel, there are three main render groups. The Head Segmentation Effects render group contains an editable Head Segmentation object that is responsible for creating the big head effect. You can also activate or deactivate the Makeup Effects [TRY ME] and Generative Effects render groups allow you to further modify the subject's appearance.

big head hierarchy

Adjust Head Size

To change how large the head appears, click the Head Segmentation [EDIT SCALE] object in the Hierarchy panel then go to the Inspector panel to view its components.

Change the Screen Transform component's Scale 2D property to adjust the size of the head.

adjust head size

To modify the head position relative to the body, change the Head Offset values in the Big Head Controller. For example, increasing the Y value positions the head higher above the body.

head offset

You can also further customize the effect by adding additional makeup or changing the generative effect in the Hierarchy panel. To remove these effects, you can simply deactivate the render groups.

change makeup or generative effect