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Version: 4.0.0

Body Outline

The Body Outline template demonstrates how to use the Body Outline object to easily find the outline of a person in an image or video and apply various images or animation sequences along the contour.

In this guide, we will walk through how to create:

  1. An animated flower effect
  2. An animated cartoon character walking along a user's body
  3. A bloom effect, with an outline color that changes with time

How to Use This Template

Open Effect House, go to Templates, click the Body tab, and select the Body Outline template.

template page


There are four render groups in the Hierarchy panel. The Filter render group allows you to edit the LUT texture and color of the final effect. The Body Outline Animated Flower Effect contains two flower textures that will be used to outline the body. The Body Outline Bloom Effect contains the stroke outline with a bloom effect applied to it. The Body Outline Alien Walk Effect contains the animated walking alien texture.

body outline hierarchy


The Assets panel contains the built-in assets for this template. The two flower textures, stroke texture, and walking alien animated texture are all accessible in this panel.


Animated Flower Effect

Enable this render group to activate the animated flower body outline effect. This flower effect consists of one pink and one white flower body outline effects. You can adjust the properties of the flowers to your liking. Select the object in the Hierarchy panel, like Body Outline Flower Pink [EDIT ME], then go to the Inspector panel and modify properties like Speed or Size. You can also import your own animated texture in the Assets panel and replace it here.

body outline

Sometimes, the body outline flower effect will cover some of the body parts. For this reason, we have added a 2D Segmentation Camera object to create a segmentation layer that places the body outline in the back. When enabled, it creates a more seamless flower outline effect.

Bloom Effect

Enable this render group to activate the bloom line body outline effect.

The Bloom Body Outline Camera renders the body outline stroke with bloom effect. The camera target Render Texture is set to Bloom_RenderTex. Here, Clear Type is changed to Color Depth, so the stroke renders properly. If it was set to Depth, the stroke would continuously overwrite the previous frame without erasing it.

You can play with the Bloom parameters in the Inspector panel to customize the bloom effect to your liking.


Feel free to change the stroke by selecting the Body Outline Stroke [EDIT ME] object and editing the Texture with your own custom texture.

body outline component

The Color parameter is pinned to the Visual Scripting panel. The Color Transition Controller subgraph sets up an interaction to loop the hue according to time. This is how the body outline stroke color changes to different rainbow colors.

bloom vs

The Bloom RT Camera and Bloom RT Image hold Bloom_RenderTex as the Texture and render it on the screen. This means that only the body outline will be rendered with the bloom effect, instead of the whole camera input.

bloom image

Animated Walking Alien Effect

Utilize the Animated Walking Alien Effect as extra inspiration for you to generate more interesting effects using our Body Outline feature!

walking alien