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Version: 4.0.0

3D Face Mesh


Refer to the 3D Face guide for a walkthrough on how to create a 3D mesh mask on your face in real-time.

Download the following face assets to customize the mesh and UV texture of 3D Face:

  • face_uv.png for is used for the UV texture of the 3D Face
  • adjustedGeo_quads_01.fbx is used for the 3D Face tracking model

How to Use

After downloading this file, locate the FBX file named adjustedGeo_quads_01.fbx. This is the face mesh we used in our face tracking. Feel free to modify the FBX file using a 3D modeling software. You can change its UV, but keep the vertex ID the same. Do not remove any faces or vertices when adjusting the face mesh.


You can adjust the blend shape of the model to create interesting face morph effects.