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Version: 4.0.0

Freckles Makeup

The Freckles Makeup template allows you to apply freckles that realistically contour to the three-dimensional shape of your face.

freckles makeup demo

How to Use This Template

Open Effect House, go to Templates, and select the Freckles Makeup template.

open the freckles makeup template in effect house

This template comes with makeup objects preconfigured in the Hierarchy panel. The 3D Face Freckle object contains the freckle texture, and is the only three-dimensional makeup object listed.

freckles makeup hierarchy panel

This template primarily showcases how the 3D Face object can be used to apply realistic freckles. The freckles are applied to a three-dimensional mesh, instead of being a flat, two-dimensional application like the Eye Shadow or Eye Color objects. This gives the freckles the appearance of depth and realism.

You can change the color of the freckles by going to the Assets panel, expanding the FreckleMakeupAssets folder, going to 3DFaceFreckle, and then opening the Materials folder. Select Freckle_Mat[EDIT_COLOR]. Then go to the Inspector panel and change the Albedo component’s Color property to the desired color.

freckles makeup inspector panel

You can create and customize your own textures for the 3D Face object. Learn more about using 3D Face.