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Effect House Exits Beta!

Effect House Exits Beta!

What a year it’s been for Effect House! Since launching version 1.0 in 2022, effects made by Effect House’s community of creators have inspired more than 21 billion videos, garnering more than 8.6 trillion views globally and bringing together more than 400,000 members on the Effect House Discord.

Today, we’re excited to share that Effect House is officially out of beta! Effect House has empowered creators to build all kinds of exciting effect experiences – from AR apparel to fantasy worlds and interactive games. With our exit from beta, we’re thrilled to invite more creativity to Effect House and offer robust tools, resources, and support for Effect House’s vibrant community of creators.

Tools that power your effect creation journey

In the last year, we’ve released a series of exciting updates:

  • More than 20 new releases with advanced features:
    • Art Maker and Asset Studio give creators the ability to generate assets for their effects with AI.
    • User Media Texture incorporates images from the camera roll into effects (think Green Screen!).
    • An expansive Asset Library allows you to explore a library of high quality and customizable 3D models, materials, and visual scripting assets.
    • Use Material Editor to help you incorporate sophisticated textures and materials to enhance the appearance of effects.
    • Social Kit incorporates Profile Photo and Profile Info Animation to enable the creation of social effects that can feature creators’ friends on TikTok.
    • Generative Effects allow you to apply fun expressions like a smile or change appearance with features like Hair Eraser.
    • More than 50 templates are available to help you get started with your creative journey and build effects in no time.
    • More than 120 visual scripting nodes, including triggers, events, controllers, and more can be added to create custom, complex logic for your effect.
  • Monetizing effects: We’ve added offerings to further help effect creators unlock real world opportunities and grow their careers with our New Creator Bonus, the $6 million Effect Creator Rewards program, and the Branded Effect Closed Beta, which pairs designers with brands to build branded effects together.
    • Creator @lauragouillon’s story is a standout – her “My Red Flags” effect was used in more than 6.7 million videos on TikTok, one in her lineup of successful effects that landed her deals with brands and payouts through Effect Creator Rewards.
  • New creator support: To connect effect creators to community and expand their opportunities, we’ve hosted activities and programs like our Challenges and Missions and Bonus Badges, and added a new Community Forum page on the Effect House website to allow our global community a resource for common questions and knowledge exchange.

As we look ahead, we’re excited to continue building innovative tools, features, and resources that empower effect creators as we explore ways to connect our community with support, real world opportunities, and opportunities for learning and growth.

Stories from the Effect House community

Hear from effect creators as they share their experiences creating with Effect House:

Effects are my favorite digital create outlet. I let it be a space for unbridled fun and experiment to channel my creative energy. -Alexis Zerafa (@ilexas)
Effect House has been the platform where I can express myself through my effects. It has helped me reach audiences I never knew my effects would be relevant to and has helped highlight what diversity looks like through my makeup effects and so much more. TikTok has given me a platform with over 500,00 followers who are not only interested in my effects, but interested in me as a person which is extremely meaningful. -Aram Karamanian (@aramkk5)
I found the diversity of TikTok effects and the culture around using them in videos fascinating. After experimenting with using some effects on my videos I realized it was also possible for users to create their own. As I had some experience in gaming and audiovisual programming back from the 8-bit computer era it was intriguing to try making something. Soon my effects had millions and then billions of views and I was blown away by the creativity of people using my effects. Just seeing people from all around the world use my effects in fun new ways is still the single most inspiring reason to keep on creating. -Joonas Kauhanen (kutikuti77)
I create effects on TikTok because I am passionate about creativity and the possibility of making people have fun and express themselves through my effects. It's amazing to see how my effects can have an impact on the TikTok community and how people enjoy using them in their videos. In addition, it is a way to express and express my creativity, and take what is in my mind to another level. -Yisus Saavedra (@yisus.saavedra)
I am happiest when I see people enjoying my effects. Effect House is easy to understand - please don't give up, and become a creator! -Hiroyuki Kyogoku (@hirostudiocom)

What’s next?

Join us on an exciting effect creation journey by becoming an effect creator and get an exclusive profile frame on TikTok after submitting an effect too!

Download Effect House today and join our official Effect House community on Discord, where we keep you updated on our latest events, host office hours, and connect you with other effect creators.

As you grow, track the growth of your effects with Effect Analytics and celebrate creation milestones with our Bonus Badges program, which allows you to unlock bonuses (like a unique profile frame) as you earn badges for your achievements. As a special bonus to celebrate our public beta exit, if you submit an effect today, you will receive a profile frame of TikTok!

And don’t forget to follow @effecthouse on TikTok where you can get inspired by some of the incredible effects created by our community each week.

We’re so excited about all that the Effect House community has brought to life with their effects, and we’re excited for all that’s ahead. Happy creating!