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Meet the Winners and Nominees of Our First-Ever Archi Awards

Meet the Winners and Nominees of Our First-Ever Archi Awards

We’ve rolled out the red carpet! On December 12, 2023, we hosted the first-ever Archi Awards for TikTok Effect House during our virtual Open House conference.

What is the Archi Awards? It’s our formal awards ceremony for effect creators. It’s a time when we gather to celebrate our community and outstanding creators in particular who have inspired us with their incredible achievements.

Curious for more? Learn more about the Archi Awards and catch the full ceremony on our Open House website.

Without further ado, here are all the winners and nominees of this year’s Archi Awards!

Effect House Pioneer Award

The Effect House Pioneer Award recognizes creators who have been creating in Effect House since the very beginning. These noteworthy individuals have grown alongside our platform over time.

Winner: @doitfam





Effect House Rising Star Award

Effect House Rising Stars are new effect creators who have already left a mark with their talent and creativity.

Winner: @duongtanar






Visionary Storyteller Award

Visionary Storytellers create not only captivating effects but also original TikTok videos that showcase their effects in fresh and unique ways.

Winner: @devseb






Archi’s Innovation Award

The Archi’s Innovation Award highlights creators who continually amaze us with their cutting-edge effects and ability to push the boundaries of AR tech.

Winner: @janmahavan






Community Champion

Community Champions are active creators who have helped shape Effect House into the thriving community it is today. They go above and beyond helping out fellow creators and welcoming newcomers.

Winner: @gameplus40





Game Master Award

Game Masters are creators who use Effect House’s interactive features to level up their game effects. The result? Fun games on TikTok that people love to play!

Winner: @davide.fumarola






Effect House Trendsetter Award

From beautiful celebrity makeup effects to effects that transform your drawings into music, Effect House Trendsetters have a knack for creating unique effects that go viral.

Winner: @kutikuti77






Outstanding Partnership Award

The Outstanding Partnership Award turns the spotlight on creator duos who have collaborated together on exceptional effects projects.

Winners: @sri_syadasti + @filterdank


@thomasasril + @byanitaind

@bruno.wx + @sereiahipster

@maximkuzlin + @pt.pavlo.tkachenko

@haleycatpaws + @yunixfx

#EffectHouseStory Award

Last but not least, the #EffectHouseStory Award pays homage to creators who have documented their personal journeys with Effect House and how it transformed their lives.

Winner: @si_graph






A Big Thank You

Congratulations to all of our winners and nominees! We’re incredibly grateful to the entire Effect House community for making this event unforgettable. Stay tuned for next year’s Archi Awards!

— The Effect House Team