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Version: 4.3.0

Ray Hit Info

ray hit info

Provides information about a raycast or collision event, including the location and properties of any objects that were hit along the way.


NameData TypeDescription
Hit InfoHit InfoThe information received from the Ray Cast node.


NameData TypeDescription
Hit ObjectScene ObjectThe object involved in the interaction.
Hit ColliderComponentThe collider component of the hit object.
Hit PointVec3The 3D point where the interaction occurred, such as the intersection point of the raycast or the contact point of the collision.
Hit NormalVec3The surface normal vector at the hit point.
Hit DistanceNumberThe distance from the starting point of the interaction (the ray origin) to the hit point.
Rigid BodyComponentThe Rigid Body component attached to the object that was hit by the raycast. This can be used to access the properties of the rigid body, or to apply forces or impulses to it.