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Version: 4.3.0

Force Controller 2D

Applies continuous force to a specified rigid body component.


NameData TypeDescription
StartExecStarts the rigid body operation
StopExecStops the rigid body operation
Rigid BodyComponentThe Rigid Body component to apply continuous force to
ForceVec2The direction and magnitude of the force to be applied to the Rigid Body component
Force PositionVec2The position in local space in which to apply the continuous force. It should be a 2D vector value.
Is LocalBooleanWhen checked, continuous force will be applied in local space; unchecked, in world space


NameData TypeDescription
BeginExecExecutes the next node once force is applied
StayExecExecutes the next node while the force is being applied
EndExecExecutes the next node once the force is removed
Current ForceVec2The current continuous force applied to the object