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Version: 3.8.0

Index Generator

Outputs a set of numbers within a predefined range. Use Loop mode to cycle through the set based on the Loop Count; Random mode to output randomized values (may repeat); and Shuffle mode to output all values at once (no repetition) in a random order.


NameData TypeDescription
EnterExecThe input that triggers this node.
ResetExecResets the current index logic.
FromNumberMinimum value of the index.
ToNumberMaximum value of the index.
ModeStringLoop, Random, or Shuffle.
Loop CountNumberNumber of cycles.
Ping-pongBooleanWhen selected, it outputs the set of numbers from the starting value to end value and then backwards.


NameData TypeDescription
NextExecExecutes the next node.
IndexNumberThe output index in between From and To.


index generator node

You can use a Peek node to see if the output number follows the table above.

index generator logic

If Loop Count is finite number, for example 1, it will repeat the last one, say 012345555555…

If Loop Count is infinite, which is -1, it will loop forever but for each loop, the play mode will rerun.