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Version: 3.8.0

Continuous Snapshot


Continuous Snapshot takes a set number of continuous snapshots and saves the textures to an array. When the max count is reached, snapshots saved first will be replaced by more recent ones.


NameData TypeDescription
StartExecStart capturing snapshots.
StopExecStop capturing snapshots.
Clear AllExecClear all captured snapshots.
Camera TextureRender TextureThe camera to pull from.
Max CountNumberThe number of textures saved in the array.
Resolution RatioNumberThe resolution of the output texture.


NameData TypeDescription
ExitExecExecute the next node.
Snapshot TexturesArray<Texture2D>The array that saves all the captured textures. 0 represents the most-recently captured snapshot.


continuous snapshot example


In this example, the canvas is divided into four images, each being set by a different item of a Continuous Snapshot array. A camera feed has been applied to an unlit plane which is being rendered by the CameraFeed camera.

The render texture is then fed into a Continuous Snapshot node and four different items are pulled from the array to create the above delayed effect.

continuous snapshot node