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Version: 3.8.0

Animated Texture Player

Control animated texture playback and its relevant properties. The animated texture frame index starts from zero. When From is equal to To, only one frame will be played. When the first frame index is greater than the last frame index, the animated texture is played backward.


NameData typeDescription
Play From ToExecPlay the animated texture from the index set in From
PauseExecPause the current animated texture
ResumeExecResume the current animated texture
Animated TextureTexture 2DThe animated texture asset to play
FromNumberThe frame index of the animated texture that will be played first
ToNumberThe frame index of the animated texture that will be played at last; The maximum available index is the total frame count minus 1


NameData typeDescription
On BeginExecExecute the next node when plays the first frame for the first time
On PauseExecExecute the next node when pauses the animated texture
On ResumeExecExecute the next node when resumes the animated texture
On Play EndExecExecute the next node when the animation sequence finishes playing