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Version: 3.5.0

Inspector Panel

View and edit a selected object’s components and properties in the Inspector panel.

effect house workspace interface

Select an object in the Hierarchy panel or material or texture in the Assets panel to view its properties in the Inspector panel.

You can add components to objects by clicking on the + Add component button to access the Component menu.

component menu

You can also import and apply assets directly in the Inspector panel for components with texture and material properties.

If you want to make an object interactive, you can click on the + Add interaction button to access the Interaction menu.

interaction menu

Find Asset Icon

When you import and assign a new Material or Texture, a Find asset icon will appear next to the property.

asset icon

The Find asset icon is useful for quickly locating and editing an asset's properties. Selecting the icon will redirect you to the respective asset in the Assets panel, improving search and modification abilities. This can be more efficient for complex projects that contain several assets.