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v3.0.0 (August 10, 2023)

Welcome (or welcome back) to Effect House, TikTok’s effect creation platform! Effects are core to the TikTok experience and have the ability to inspire connections and creativity across a diverse and dynamic global community.

Get started by downloading Effect House today and join our official Effect House community on Discord, where we keep you updated on our latest events, host office hours, and connect you with other effect creators. As you grow, track the growth of your effects with Effect Analytics and celebrate creation milestones with our Bonus Badges program, which allows you to unlock bonuses (like a unique profile frame) as you earn badges for your achievements! And don’t forget to follow @effecthouse on TikTok where you can get inspired by some of the incredible effects created by our community each week.

We’re so excited to welcome you to Effect House and look forward to see what you create! Below is an overview of some key features to kick off your creation journey today.

  • Art Maker uses generative technology to turn your photos into unique works of art.
  • User Media Texture allows creators to incorporate images from the camera roll into effects.
  • Physics components, like Dynamic Chain and Box Colliders, use chain physics and define the physical boundaries and properties of objects to create interactive AR experiences.
  • Materials enhance the appearance of your objects. You can import materials, such as fur and glass, from the Asset Library or create custom materials using Material Editor.
  • Asset Studio reduces the time it takes to design an effect by generating custom 2D face mask and sticker assets based on keywords you provide.
  • Generative Effects, like Aged and Side Eye, generate dynamic visuals in real time.
  • Face Fusion seamlessly morphs the face into a texture’s face.
  • Social Kit, composed of Profile Photo and Profile Info Animation, incorporates creators’ friends’ information, including their profile images and usernames, into your effect.
  • More than 50 templates are available to help you get started with your creative journey and build effects in no time.
  • More than 120 visual scripting nodes, including triggers, events, controllers, and more can be added to create custom, complex logic for your effect.

But we’re not stopping there! Explore the exciting Effect House 3.0.0 features below and follow our release notes and learning resources as we continue to expand. Happy creating!

  • Test your effect performance prior to submitting it for review
  • Text can now be produced and customized directly in Effect House
  • Use Neck Tracker to place objects on your neck
  • Generate and import custom text-to-image 2D stickers from Asset Studio
  • Custom subgraphs can now be saved locally to be easily accessed and reused

New Features

  • Click Test performance in the titlebar to check if your effect’s frame rate is optimal for effect submission.
  • Add text directly to your effect with the Text object in Effect House. You can customize its appearance, such as size and color, with the Text component in the Inspector panel.

English is currently the only fully supported language.

  • Use the Neck Tracker object to precisely track objects to your neck and fine-tune its properties using the corresponding component.
  • The new 2D Sticker feature in Asset Studio allows you to generate and import custom text-to-image 2D graphics.
  • Apply a sparkly material with Diamond from the Asset Library.
  • Added new Screen Effects to Asset Library.
  • Save your favorite subgraphs locally to your Effect House application and access them in the Custom tab of the Node menu. You can add these subgraphs to other projects without having to manually import them.


  • The Add button [+] in the Hierarchy panel has been redesigned and renamed to + Add object.
  • The Cat Face Sticker object has been refactored to use the new Image component.
  • The Old generative effect has been renamed to Aged.
  • The Asset Picker has been improved for usability.

Known Issues

  • The Dog Face Sticker object has been temporarily removed.