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Version: 4.2.0

Ground Segmentation

Ground Segmentation isolates the ground, allowing you to apply customized textures and effects to it.


Segmentation has a very high performance impact on iOS devices. Segmentation should not be combined with many other features as doing so will cause low FPS and may subsequently lead to not passing QA.

Add Ground Segmentation

To add a Ground Segmentation object:

  1. Open Effect House.
  2. Go to the Hierarchy panel.
  3. Click the Add object button [+].
  4. Go to Segmentation.
  5. Select Ground Segmentation.
add segmentation object

A Segmentation material is automatically be added to the Material property of the Image component when adding a Ground Segmentation object. Segmentation material is useful for quickly adding commonly used segmentation effects to the scene.

Ground Segmentation in the Hierarchy

The Ground Segmentation object appears in the General render group in the Hierarchy panel. Learn more about render groups.

ground segmentation render group


The Ground Segmentation object is made up of the following components, found in the Inspector panel: