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Version: 3.9.0

Transit by Time

transit by time

Use Transit by Time to transition from one value to another over a set amount of time. Supported data types: Number, Vec2, Vec3, Vec4, and Color.


NameData TypeDescription
StartExecStart the transition at the From value.
PauseExecPause the transition.
ResumeExecResume the transition.
StopExecStop the transition.
FromNumberThe start value of the transition.
ToNumberThe end value of the transition.
DurationNumberThe total time of the transition.
InterpolatorStringThe interpolation that the transition should follow.
LoopNumberThe number of times the transition should loop.
Ping-pongBooleanDetermine if the transition goes back and forth or not.


NameData TypeDescription
BeginExecExecute the next node when the transition begins.
StayExecKeep executing the next node when the transition is active.
EndExecExecute the next node when the transition is finished.
CurrentNumberThe current interpolated value.


transit by time example


In this example, a sphere is moving from 0,-10,0 to 0,10,0 following an Ease-in-out interpolation. The Ping-pong boolean has been selected and the Loop has been set to 100 to make the sphere continuously go back and forth.

transit by time node