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Version: 3.9.0

Gesture Detection

gesture detection

Use Gesture Detection to detect gestures. Gesture Detection is in the Hand category.


NameData TypeDescription
DetectStringDecide which hand to use for gesture detection, including Hand 0, Hand 1, or Either. The device will track either hand if Either is chosen.
GestureStringGesture types include: Backhand 3-finger Pointing Up, 4-finger Pointing Up, Fist, Open Palm, “I Love You”, Horns, Index Finger Up, Victory, Thumb Up, Hand Heart (Thumb Up), Hand Heart (Thumb Down), Open Fist Heart, Finger Heart, Index Pointing, 2-finger Pointing, 3-Finger Pointing Up, OK, “Call Me”, V (Thumb and Index ), Touching Palms, Kung Fu Salute (Fist Uncovered), “Pray”, Palm Up, Kung Fu Salute (Fist Covered), Wrist V, Salute, Palm to Front, Pinched Fingers, Thumb Down, Index, and Middle Pointing Up.


NameData TypeDescription
BeginExecExecute the next node when the hand gesture moves from the “undetected” state to the “detected” state.
StayExecKeep executing the next node when the hand gesture stays detected.
EndExecExecute the next node when the hand gesture moves from the “detected” state to the “undetected” state.
NoneExecKeep executing the next node when the hand gesture is not detected.


gesture detection example

This example uses Gesture Detection (“Index Finger Pointing Up”) to control the single UFO and Gesture Detection (“Victory”) to triple UFOs. Check Animation Sequence for how to add an animated images.

gesture detection node

In the Gesture drop-down menu, choose any of the gestures listed in Hand Gesture Examples

gesture dropdown

In the Hand Index drop-down menu, choose “Either” to recognize either left or right hand. Hand 0 is the first hand that appears and Hand 1 is the latter hand that appears.

hand index

Hand Gesture Examples

hand heart thumb up
Hand Heart (Thumb Up)
hand heart thumb down
Hand Heart (Thumb Down)
open fist heart
Open Fist Heart
finger heart
Finger Heart
index pointing
Index Pointing
two finger pointing
Two Finger Pointing
i love you
"I Love You"
thumb up
Thumb Up
index pointing up
Index Pointing Up
index and middle pointing up
Index and Middle Pointing Up
backhand three finger pointing up
Backhand 3-Finger Pointing Up
three finger pointing up
3-Finger Pointing Up
four finger pointing up
4-Finger Pointing Up
open palm
Open Palm
call me
"Call Me"
v (thumb and index)
V (Thumb and Index)
touching palms
Touching Palms
kung fu salute (fist covered)
Kung Fu Salute (Fist Covered)
wrist v
Wrist V
palm to front
Palm to Front
pinched fingers
Pinched Fingers
thumb down
Thumb Down