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Version: 3.8.0

Assets Panel

The Assets panel holds your textures, materials, 3D objects, and audio files, making it easy to access the assets you require for building your effect.

effect house assets panel

Add an Asset

To add an asset to your project:

  1. Go to the Assets panel
  2. Click the Add asset button [+]
asset menu

Scroll down in the Assets menu to add Generative Effects and Physics Matter assets

Select from the following options:

  • Import:
    • From Computer: Import files directly from your computer
    • Texture Sequence
    • MP4
    • 3D Face Binding Mesh
    • 3D Head Binding Mesh
    • Environment Map
    • Cubemap
  • Browse Asset Library: Opens Asset Library, where you can browse and import pre-made assets
  • Create in Asset Studio: Opens Asset Studio, where you can generate and import text-to-image assets
  • New Folder: Creates a new folder in the Assets panel
  • Material: Opens a list of built-in materials
  • Custom Material: Creates a custom material that can be edited using Material Editor
  • Texture: Opens a list of built-in textures
  • Mesh: Opens a list of reference and occluder meshes
  • Generative Effects: Opens a list of generative effects
  • Physics Matter: Allows you to fine-tune physical interactions between different physics objects in the scene

Manage Your Assets

In the Assets panel, you can easily access and manage all your assets as needed.

Use the search to find the asset you're looking for.

assets panel search

Right-click an asset to see the different ways you can manipulate it.

manage assets menu
  • Duplicate: Creates a copy of the asset in the same folder
  • Rename: Allows you to rename an asset
  • Delete: Removes the asset from the project

Deleting an asset is permanent and cannot be undone

delete assets
  • Refresh asset: Refreshes an existing texture or 3D model asset with an updated version. Effect House searches for a file with the same name and location, replacing the existing one with the new one.
  • Replace asset: Replaces an existing texture, texture sequence, or 3D model asset with a new file
  • Locate asset in scene: Identifies the location of your asset in the Scene panel

Organize Your Assets

Organize your assets by hiding, showing, or deleting unused assets.

To efficiently organize your assets:

  1. Click the Organize assets buttons
organize assets
  1. To hide assets that are not assigned to properties, click Hide unused asset
  2. To display assets that are assigned to properties, click *Show unused asset
  3. To remove unused assets, click Delete unused asset

Deleting an asset is permanent and cannot be undone

delete assets