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Version: 3.8.0

Physics Effect Settings

Physics Effect Settings provides the ability to control global physics parameters, such as gravity, time scale, and collision iterations. You can fine-tune the overall behavior of the physics simulation in your scenes, facilitating the creation of more diverse, unique, and performant effects.

GravityDefines the global force that affects all rigid bodies in the scene
Contact Velocity IterationsSets the number of iterations for calculating the velocity of objects upon contact. Higher values improve accuracy, but may impact performance. If the project is running slowly, turn this value down. The default value is 5.
Position IterationsSets the number of cycles for correcting object position. More cycles enhance accuracy, but may impact performance. The default value is 5.

Adjusting the gravity is particularly useful when simulating environments like an alien plane, or a water world like "Float World", where uniform force parameters are required across all objects.

Earth/Gravity = 9.807 m/s²


Increasing the value of contact velocity iterations enhances the precision of the simulation at the cost of computational performance. Decreasing the value will help to improve the performance.