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Version: 3.8.0

Promote Your Effect

Let as many people as possible know about your effect! Your effect is up to 10 times more likely to be used by the TikTok community if you make a video promoting it. Making a TikTok video to promote your effect is a key step to showcasing your hard work and inspiring other creators to use it. You can also unlock badges for making videos with your own effects!

Create a TikTok Video With Your Effect

Creating a TikTok video using your effect is an effective way to share your effect with the broader community and has even been shown to increase the likelihood of effect usage. You can use your video as a way to:

  • Announce and publicize your effect
  • Demonstrate to viewers how your effect can be used
  • Prompt viewers to create their own videos using your effect
  • Start a trend by showing your effect in action

Check out TikTok creation essentials on our Creator Portal for tips on how to create a compelling video.


Once your effect is active on TikTok, the first TikTok video you post with your effect will get displayed on the effect tab of your profile page (along with the effect icon and number of videos created with the effect) for others to view. If you don’t create a TikTok video for your effect, the effect icon and number of videos will still show, but no video will be displayed. Learn more about how to view your effect on TikTok.

Promotional Video Tips

  • For optimal visibility, make your video ideally within the first 24 hours of your effect being published, but definitely within the first few days of it being published. This gives people the chance to view your video as soon as your effect is published.
  • Remember, your video should be made public in order for others to see it on TikTok.
  • In order for your TikTok video to display properly, make sure to initiate the video creation on TikTok by clicking your published effect to use it, rather than uploading a screen recording from your phone camera roll to submit as your video. If you create a Story with your effect before you create your first video with your effect, the video will not be displayed on your profile.
  • While you may choose to show your face in the video, it’s not required! You can just as easily show how your effect works on our in-tool models, other people, or you can illustrate how you made the effect. Get creative!

Put the ‘For You’ Feed to Work

Understand how the ‘For You’ feed works and can help promote your effects. For example, using audio, captions, and hashtags can make your video more identifiable. Recognizing your audience is another important factor, so be sure to make a video that resonates with your viewers. Who’s most likely to get excited about your effect? How can you reach a broader audience? Learn more about how TikTok recommends videos.