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Version: 3.8.0

Build Inclusive Effects for the TikTok Community

At TikTok, we’re focused on building experiences that are inclusive and representative of TikTok’s diverse global community. Building inclusive effects is an important part of that goal. As effect creators, you can help keep TikTok a safe, welcoming place by prioritizing inclusion and safety as you build Community Effects in Effect House.

Here are a few ways to do that:

  1. Test your effects: Test your effects on different skin tones and groups of people. If you can, source feedback from friends to see if your effect works for others. Make sure everyone can enjoy your effect!

    • People of all ages, skin tones, body shapes, and body types should be able to enjoy your Community Effects. Be mindful of instances where your effect might inadvertently endorse hurtful notions about self-image by drawing attention to certain body features (for example, this might include ranking them, or altering them to be thinner).
    • Do not create effects that alter users’ natural features. Effects that add an overlay of makeup (eyeshadow, blush) can be fun and help people express their creativity, but effects that alter the shape or appearance of people’s natural features can be harmful and promote unhealthy appearance standards.
  2. Consider cultural context: TikTok is a global community made up of different cultures and contexts. Be mindful that users with different cultural contexts outside your own might perceive your effect differently than you intended.

  3. Always consider accessibility: People with disabilities may find it challenging to use some effects – this is particularly true for effects that feature smaller font sizes, have bright, flashing lights or color contrasts that compromise readability or visibility, or feature loud background audio that makes it difficult to distinguish between a speaker and the background noise.

  4. Don’t promote stereotypes: Stereotypes are problematic. Build inclusive Community Effects and avoid perpetuating gender stereotypes, race stereotypes, or any other stereotypes based on innate attributes.

  5. Create original effects: We know that there are endless sources of inspiration when making effects, but always remember to create effects that are your original creations. Inspiration is an important part of any creative process, but make sure that you are coming up with original ideas that aren’t directly copying someone else’s work.

Remember that an inclusive experience makes creating content more fun for everyone. Thank you for helping us keep TikTok safe and welcoming for our global community!