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Version: 3.8.0

Monetize Your Effects

Effect House offers many ways to get paid for creating effects. A single effect can potentially qualify for multiple Effect House programs and activities at the same time! Whether you're a new or advanced effect creator, these programs provide opportunities to showcase your creativity, unlock rewards, and connect with the Effect House community.

Effect Creator Rewards

TikTok Effect Creator Rewards is a program that offers creators the opportunity to collect rewards for creating highly engaging TikTok effects on the Effect House desktop app. To join the program, eligible creators simply need to have the Gold Badge, which can be unlocked with just a handful of published effects.

Creators collect rewards based on total qualified video publishes, or unique videos from eligible regions that used their effect within the first 90 days. When an effect reaches 100,000 qualified public videos, a creator will start collecting rewards. They will continue to collect rewards for every additional qualified video publish until the end of the 90-day period, or until they reach the maximum reward. The reward amount may vary based on several factors, including the region where the videos were published. Effect Creator Rewards is currently open to 53 regions.

Check out some frequently asked questions for more information.


Effect House Challenges offer beginner and experienced TikTok effect creators a chance to showcase their creativity, get prizes, and connect with the Effect House community.

Creators can enter challenges when there is one available. These are exciting opportunities to participate in global moments like Halloween, learn to use new Effect House features, or create effects with an exciting IP or partner. The prizes for each challenge differ, but may include: cash prizes, exclusive badges or profile frames, special placements within TikTok's Creative Effects tray, or TikTok or Effect House swag.

Learn more about Effect House Challenges here.


Creators can enroll in regular monthly missions to collect smaller payouts each month based on how many effects they publish and how they perform.

The Top Creator Mission takes place every month and is open to Platinum and Diamond badge holders. We also have a Monthly Mission that is available each month for Bronze, Silver, or Gold badge creators. Prizes for the Community Favorite, Shining Star, and Rising Star awards vary for each mission.

Working with Brands

Brands and advertisers have had a growing interest in using TikTok effects in their marketing campaigns. At our Open House developer conference in late 2023, we announced that creators can produce Branded Effects for advertisers who purchase one from TikTok for Business. Brands can now partner with any effect creator or agency to produce Branded Effects for their next campaign. Check out this post for more information.


Later this year, creators will be able to join our Marketplace to allow brands easily find them. Until then, use TikTok business account features, like adding a website link and email to your bio, to let brands contact you.

Learn more about opportunities with brands here.