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Version: 4.0.0

Face Avatar Result

face avatar result

Use Face Avatar Result to provide Face Avatar Drive Blendshape channel value information. Face Avatar Result is in the Head & Face category.


NameData TypeDescription
EnterExecExecute the node.
BlendshapeStringBlendshape channels include: eyeBlinkLeft, eyeBlinkRight, eyeLookDownLeft, eyeLookDownRight, eyeLookInLeft, eyeLookInRight, eyeLookOutLeft, eyeLookOutRight, eyeLookUpLeft, eyeLookUpRight, eyeSquintLeft, eyeSquintRight, eyeWideLeft, eyeWideRight, jawForward, jawLeft, jawRight, jawOpen, mouthClose, mouthFunnel, mouthPucker, mouthLeft, mouthRight, mouthSmileLeft, mouthSmileRight, mouthFrownLeft, mouthFrownRight, mouthDimpleLeft, mouthDimpleRight, mouthStretchLeft, mouthStretchRight, mouthRollLower, mouthRollUpper, mouthShrugLower, mouthShrugUpper, mouthPressLeft, mouthPressRight, mouthLowerDownLeft, mouthLowerDownRight, mouthUpperUpLeft, mouthUpperUpRight, browDownLeft, browDownRight, browInnerUp, browOuterUpLeft, browOuterUpRight, cheekPuff, cheekSquintLeft, cheekSquintRight, noseSneerLeft, noseSneerRight, tongueOut.


NameData TypeDescription
ExitExecExecute the next node.
WeightNumberThe value of the weight channel.


face avatar result example

This example uses Face Avatar Result and chooses eyeBlinkRight in the Blendshape channel to control the right eye of the alienAvatar object.

face avatar result node