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Version: 4.0.0

Spring Joint

A type of joint that allows two rigid bodies to move apart and come together like a spring, imposing a constraint on the relative position between the two bodies.

Add a Spring Joint Component

In the Inspector Panel, click + Add component, go to 3D Physics, and then select your Spring Joint.

add joint component


When working with a Spring Joint, you can adjust the following properties.

add joint component
Connected BodySpecifies the other Rigid Body component that the spring joint should be connected to
AnchorThe position in space where the spring joint should be anchored
Connected AnchorThe position in space of the connected body where it should be anchored to the spring joint
Damping RatioControls the amount of resistance an object experiences when moving through air or other fluids. Higher damping values cause the object to slow down faster, mimicking increased air resistance or friction.
ToleranceThe linear tolerance of the joint. Determines how close the joint must be to its reference position before it's considered at a target
Breaking ForceThe maximum force that the joint can sustain before breaking