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Version: 3.9.0

Neck Tracker

The Neck Tracker component allows you to adjust neck tracking properties.

Add a Neck Tracker Component

Add a Neck Tracker component by going to the Inspector panel and clicking + Add component, going to AR Capability, and selecting Neck Tracker.

AnchorAnchors the tracker to a specific location on the face
Which FaceSpecifies which face from the input video to use. A maximum of 5 faces are supported.
Tracking TargetDesignates which subject in the preview video to track
Joints PresetsModifies the weight of each joint. Light uses joint presets that create a minimal effect when the head is turned, while Heavy creates a significant effect. Custom is auto-selected when any joint parameter is adjusted.
JointsModifies the weight of each joint. The First Joint cannot be modified. The Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Joints can be assigned a value between 0 and 1. Modifying parameters affects the respective weight, with lower values leading to more pronounced effects.