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Version: 3.9.0

Hand Tracker

Hand Tracker allows you to track the hand that is in the camera’s view.


Add a Hand Tracker Component

Add a Hand Tracker component by clicking + Add Component > AR Capability > Hand Tracker in the Inspector panel.


AnchorSelect which parts of the hand you want your objects to follow. It is set to Hand Center by default, but you can modify it to track specific fingers or the wrist.
  • Hand Center (default)
  • Thumb Tip
  • Index Finger Tip
  • Middle Finger Tip
  • Ring Finger Tip
  • Pinkie Tip
  • Thumb
  • Index Finger
  • Middle Finger
  • Ring Finger
  • Pinkie
  • Wrist
Rotate Axis ZThe object will follow the rotation of the hand or finger along the Z axis. See the demonstration below.
Advanced Setting
  • Distance to Screen: Adjusts the distance of the object from the screen. The larger the value, the further away it will move from the screen. The default value is 20.
See the demonstration below.


Rotate Axis Z

rotate axis z

Distance to Screen

distance to screen