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Version: 3.9.0

Preview Panel

The Preview panel mimics a phone, allowing you to see how your effect will look when used in TikTok. Your effect is applied to a selected preview video.

effect house workspace interface

You can also control the record state here. Try clicking the Record button in the middle of your preview.

effect house workspace interface

You can select from existing preview media from the Preview menu dropdown. You can also add your own media by clicking + Add media in the Preview menu. Alternatively, you can use your webcam by clicking on the Camera button next to the Preview menu. To refresh your effect, click on the Restart button.

preview menu dropdown

You can also change the TikTok UI or device you want to mimic.

TikTok UI menu

If you want to manipulate the Preview panel as a separate window, click on the Undock button.

Learn more about how to preview your effect in Effect House.