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Version: 3.8.0

Module 4: Using Effect Templates and the Asset Library

If you're looking for inspiration, new features, or just need an easy way to kickstart effect creation, templates are a great place to start. Additionally, Effect House offers a built-in Asset Library that you can use to download ready-made assets.

This module provides an overview of how to use templates and ready-made assets from the Asset Library, and the different ways you can use templates to create your own, unique effect.

Module Objectives: By the end of this module, you should be comfortable with the following objectives:

  • Recognize how to open and customize templates to create unique effects
  • Demonstrate how to use the Asset Library to use premade assets
  • Understand how visual scripting can be used with templates and premade assets to create an interactive effect

This video was recorded using Effect House v2.4.0. Later versions of Effect House have features that may not be covered in this video.

Templates in Effect House

A template is a premade effect that is available in one click. You can find templates on the home screen, by going to the Templates tab and sorting them by category. You can also find templates by viewing the Recommended section. Templates are a great way to learn how to use new capabilities and make trendy effects.

Use Templates to Make Trendy Effects

Some templates teach you how to make popular effects, like High Horse, Randomizer2D, Lightning Face, Interactive Zoom, and One Person Quiz. You can customize these templates to create your own version of a trendy effect!

Use Templates to Make Learn New Capabilities

You can use some templates to familiarize yourself with new features. Using these templates can help you learn how to use features, so you are better equipped to incorporate them into your own effects. For example, Clothing Try On, Dynamic Chain, AR Placement, and Sky Castle can help you learn how to implement augmented reality, 3D physics, and more.

The Asset Library

An asset is a digital resource that can be added and used in your Effect House project, like a texture, material, audio, or mesh. The Asset Library is your one-stop shop for premade assets. To access the Asset Library, click on the Asset Library button in the Assets panel, or click on the Asset Library icon in the titlebar. You can access a variety of premade assets, including 3D, 2D, materials, face effects, filters, and screen effects.

To download an asset, hover over the download icon next to its title. Clicking Import downloads the asset directly to the Assets panel without applying it to the effect. Clicking Import and apply downloads the asset and applies it to your effect.

Use Premade Assets to Customize Templates

You can use assets from the Asset Library to customize templates. Simply swap out a template's built-in assets for ones downloaded from the Asset Library. Templates often indicate where you can swap out assets. For example, open the Segmentation template, available in the Body category of the Templates tab on the home screen.

Notice the Background [CHANGE TEXTURE] object in the Hierarchy panel, which indicates that you can customize this object.

Open the Asset Library, go to the 2D tab, and choose Confetti Party Burst. Hover over the download icon and select Import.

To replace the template's built-in asset, click on the Background [CHANGE TEXTURE] object in the Hierarchy panel, go to the Inspector panel, click on the Texture field, and then select Confetti Party Burst. You've just customized a template using an imported asset!

Use Visual Scripting to Customize Templates

Some templates have interactive visual scripting elements built into them, which you can change to redefine how users interact with your effect.

For example, open the Change Hair Color template, available in the Face category of the Templates tab on the home screen. Zoom in to the topmost gray comment box in the Visual Scripting panel.

Examine the Facial Movement Detection node. You can change the Facial Movement to something like Mouth Open.

Then when you change the Preview media to show someone opening their mouth, the hair changes color whenever the person opens their mouth.


It's important to consider how users will play with your effect. Try to create a fun and engaging effect so more people will be inspired to use it!

Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you make the most out of using templates:

  • To make your effect stand out, use unique assets and experiment with different feature combinations.
  • Make your effect interactive by using visual scripting, but keep it simple. If your interactions are too complex, people won't know how to use your effect.
  • Be sure to preview your effect on your device to ensure that it looks and works great.
  • Share your effect with the Effect House community to get feedback and improve your skills. Don't be afraid to make a short video promoting your effect as soon as it gets published. That way, you can get as many people as possible to see your hard work!

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