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Version: 3.8.0

Module 9: Adding Dynamic Chain to Your TikTok Effect

The Dynamic Chain component belongs to a group of 3D Physics components that allow you to imitate realistic physics. Using these features can help bring your effect to life and add an extra touch of realism.

This module demonstrates how to use the Dynamic Chain component to incorporate realistic swinging and swaying motions to your 3D objects.

Module Objectives: By the end of this module, you should be comfortable with the following objectives:

  • Recognize that 3D Physics components can be added to your effect to simulate realistic physics
  • Understand how to parent objects in the Hierarchy panel to create chains
  • Apply the Dynamic Chain component to a hair model to create realistic motion

This video was recorded using Effect House v2.1.0. Later versions of Effect House have features that may not be covered in this video.

Add a Dynamic Chain Component

The Dynamic Chain component can be added to a series of objects that are linked together in a chain. This example uses four Sphere objects that are parented in a series in the Hierarchy panel.

To add a Dynamic Chain component, select the object you want to apply chain physics to, then go to the Inspector panel and click on + Add component, 3D Physics, and then Dynamic Chain.

In the Inspector panel, you can change different presets to modify the behavior of the chain, making it more springy or more loose.

Dynamic Chain Hair Demonstration

The Dynamic Chain component can be applied to a hair effect to add a touch of realism. First, add a Head Tracker object in the Hierarchy panel by clicking the Add button, going to AR Tracking, and then selecting Head Tracker.

This demonstration uses a pre-rigged 3D hair model imported in the Assets panel. Dragging the hair model from the Assets panel onto the Head Tracker in the Hierarchy panel applies it to the head.

To change the behavior of the hair, go to the root node of the hair called joint_hair_root, and once again go to + Add component, 3D Physics, and then Dynamic Chain.

You can add a Preset to make the hair rigid. To make the tips of the hair to sway more, expand the joint_hair_root object in the Hierarchy panel, click on joint_hair_001, and add Dynamic Chain to the link.

You can play around with the swaying behavior by changing the presets or by adding multiple Dynamic Chain components to a chain.

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