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Version: 3.8.0

Tilt Head to Play Next Frame

Select which head's tilt to use, what direction tilt should be recognized, and what order the Animated Texture's frames should follow.

tilt head to play next frame

This interaction can only be applied to an Animated Texture asset.


Learn more about the Head Movement Detection node.

detect head movement


NameData TypeDescription
Target Animated TextureTexture 2DThe target object to which the animated texture to be played is attached
DetectStringThe head whose movement will be detected. Head 0 represents the first head that appears in the scene, Head 1 represents the the second face, and so on. Any represents any head in the scene.
Head MovementStringThe movement of the user’s head
OrderStringSet the play mode of the animated texture, including Forward, Random, Ping-pong, and Shuffle