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Version: 3.8.0

Directional Light

Directional Light emits light equally in all directions and gets dimmer the farther it is from the source. Use this to simulate light from a lamp or light bulb.


Add a Directional Light Component

Add a Directional Light component by clicking + Add Component > Scene > Directional Light in the Inspector panel.


IntensityThe brightness of the light source.
ColorThe color of the light.
Cast ShadowDetermine whether or not this light casts shadows.
ResolutionThe x and y resolution of your shadow map. Only available if Cast Shadow is enabled.
StrengthSet the darkness of your shadow. Only available if Cast Shadow is enabled.
Advanced SettingsOnly available if Cast Shadow is enabled.
  • Bias: Shift pixels closer to the light source in your scene, helping combat shadow acne. The bias property should be used with caution, as too much bias will cause your shadows to “float away” – a phenomenon called Peter Panning.
  • Color: The color of your shadow. Black is the default color.
  • Self Gradient: Aid transition to a smooth surface by adding a value that helps counter jagged or hard edges.
  • Soft Shadow: Control whether or not your shadow is blurred at the edges.
LayersSelect the layer or layers you want to apply the light to.

A maximum of three Directional Lights can be added to the scene.