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Version: 3.8.0

Hinge Joint

Enables two objects to rotate around a single axis, simulating the behavior of objects connected by a hinge, like a door or a folding screen.

Add a Hinge Joint Component

In the Inspector Panel, click + Add component, go to 3D Physics, and then select your Hinge Joint.

add joint component


When working with a Hinge Joint, you can adjust the following properties.

add joint component
Connected BodySpecifies the other Rigid Body component that the hinge joint should be connected to
AnchorThe position of the hinge joint in world space
Connected AnchorThe position in space of the connected body where it should be anchored to the hinge joint
AxisThe axis of rotation for the hinge joint
Use LimitsA toggle to enable or disable the use of angle limits for the hinge joint
Minimum AngleThe minimum angle for the hinge joint, when Use Limits is enabled
Maximum AngleThe maximum angle for the hinge joint, when Use Limits is enabled
Breaking ForceThe maximum force that the joint can sustain before breaking
Breaking TorqueThe torque required to break the hinge joint