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Visual Scripting Crash Course Overview

Visual Scripting Crash Course Overview

Welcome to the latest installment of Effect House Crash Course! This time, we're diving into all things visual scripting. Visual scripting? Don't be alarmed! While visual scripting may sound intimidating, it's much simpler than it sounds! Visual scripting doesn't require any prior technical or coding expertise. Instead, it empowers you to elevate your effects effortlessly.

In this course, we present 6 video tutorials designed to introduce you to the world of visual scripting and guide you through its integration into your effects. Let's embark on this exciting journey together!

What to Expect

By the end of this course, you should feel comfortable with the following learning objectives:

  • Navigating and managing the Visual Scripting panel in Effect House
  • Grasping the significance and structure of visual scripting nodes
  • Efficiently handling nodes within subgraphs and enabling object interactivity
  • Defining variables and comprehending their various data types
  • Understanding the logic flow of visual scripting
  • Integrating mathematical nodes into your effects to construct dynamic logic flows

If you have questions, want inspiration, or just need a community to vibe with, you can join our Discord server and post questions to our community forum.

Crash Course Breakdown

This course is made up of 6 modules that cover a diverse range of topics, from initiating your visual scripting logic to incorporating math nodes for crafting interactive, game-like effects.

  1. Introduction to Visual Scripting: Unlock creativity effortlessly with Effect House's visual scripting, where nodes seamlessly weave interactive effects without the need for code
  2. Crafting Interactive Effects: Manage your visual scripting with subgraphs in Effect House, grouping nodes for streamlined organization and adding built-in interactions to infuse your effects with dynamic behaviors.
  3. Understanding Variables and Data Types: Learn to manipulate stored data, assign values, and retrieve information, optimizing your scripts with precise control and efficiency
  4. Kickstarting Your Visual Scripting Logic: Master the flow of logic through visual scripting graphs, initiating commands with versatile event and detection nodes for seamless interactive experiences
  5. Understanding Execution Order: Understand the backbone of visual scripting with control flow, as initiator nodes like event and detection nodes drive the execution order, ensuring precise sequencing for dynamic effects
  6. Overview of Math Nodes: Discover how math, from basic arithmetic to advanced functions, can be leveraged in visual scripting

Crash Course Live Workshops

We encourage you to participate in our 7-day live workshop and Q&A session hosted by Effect House pros to learn more!

  • Day 1: Subgraph Secrets: Understanding and Applying Subgraphs
  • Day 2: Versatile Variables: For Loops and Arrays for Efficient Automation
  • Day 3: Debugging Diaries: Navigating and Debugging Visual Scripts
  • Day 4: No correct answers, only good answers!
  • Day 5: Master Tips from Top Creator: Create Math Games! (hosted by @jonothanhunt)
  • Day 6: Master Tips from Top Creator: Create Logic Games! (hosted by @sri_syadasti)
  • Day 7: Graduation Ceremony

Next Steps

If you haven't already, download Effect House to your computer.

Take your first step towards becoming an effect creator and get familiar with how to use Effect House. Once you're ready to advance, enter the world of visual scripting!